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Monica Lassak

Young Living Silver
Essential Oilistas Founder
Chicago, IL
Member #1386436

I’m Monica! I Love God. Love My Husband. Love My Family. Love My Friends. Love People. Love my Cannon EOS 60D. Love the color Purple. Love Mexican Food. Love Summer. Love my Essential Oils!! Together with my husband we raise 2 energetic, fun-loving, sweet boys (a 6 year old and a 4 year old) whom we adore!!

My oily journey started when I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life and my friend told me about the oils. I said, “sure I’ll give it a try, where do I order.” I had no idea these oils would forever change my life. Everyday I seen an improvement in my health and my family. From that point I set a goal to educate and share what I knew with anyone that would listen and introduce them to Young Living. I get so much joy from hearing how lives have been transformed and have helped many. I am blessed and grateful beyond description.

As for the business side, I never intended that to happen it simply just did. That’s the abundance part of Young Living. For this I am grateful. A network was formed and we help people! Period. I wouldn’t trade it for a “job” now. I’m excited about our growing YL Family. Many have become amazing forever friends. Young Living has truly changed my life. Wellness, Purpose and Abundance!! Something so extraordinary came out of a very difficult situation. Amazing things can happen for you too! Join Us!!


Dana Warmuz

Young Living Executive                               Essential Oilistas Founder
Chicago, IL
Member #1602479

I’m Dana! I’m absolutely passionate about helping others. My favorite people in the world are those closest to me… my fiance, parents, family and friends. Oh and of course can’t forget our adorable Yorkie, Lucky. They are my rock & foundation! I’m always on the lookout for better ways to take care of my family and myself. My passion in life is to nurture and help others.

In January of 2014, my cousin Monica introduced me to Young Living. I began using the oils and products on my family. My goal was simply to get and keep myself and my family healthy. Since we began using Young Living, we have noticed a major improvement in our health & wellness. The more I use the the products, the more I want to share them with friends and family. How can I keep them a secret?

I never planned on starting a business with Young Living; it just happened. I absolutely love Young Living and their products! I love that Young Living gives me a way to help my family by restoring balance to our bodies instead of silencing their cries for help. I love making recipes and exploring new ways to continue to support our bodies through each day. I am passionate about sharing my experience with others.. I want to share my experience with you and let you know that there IS something you can do!