When it comes to staying healthy during the fall and winter, supporting your immune system is what it’s all about. Things like lack of sleep and too much stress can be just as damaging to your immune system as picking up a bug from someone coughing on you. So the key is SUPPORT DAILY. It’s all about PREVENTION!

Did you know you can Boost Your Immune System with Essential Oils? They are high in antioxidants and highly oxygenating for our cells (cells that are weakened, for whatever reason, are much more vulnerable to being infected).

We drink our NingXia Red DAILY. It’s fortified with essential oils. We love to dress it up with drops of more essential oils, like thieves, grapefruit, lemon, orange, or red shot (which is like cinnamon citrus goodness!). At one point, we wondered what difference NingXia was making, so we stopped taking it. We’ll tell you, for us, it was ENERGY. After about 2 days without our NingXia, we were falling asleep by 2pm. So you might not notice a huge difference while you’re taking it, but you will once you stop!

Thieves is our go-to immune protection plan. Especially with kids! Use daily for support, applying on the bottoms of feet at night time. Once you feel like your immune system might be compromised, apply several times throughout the day. You can also get Thieves and Oregano oil in capsules to take internally in our product called Inner Defense.

Do you use NingXia or Thieves? Let us know your best tip down in the comments below πŸ™‚

Written by essentialoilistas
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